Special Quote from the Book

Published July 26, 2016

HOOKED: A concise guide to the underlying mechanics of addiction and treatment for patients, families, and providers | Arwen Podesta, MD

Special Quote from the Book:

Why do we as a society need to care about addiction?

“About one out of ten individuals will have a serious substance-use problem in his or her lifetime. One in three of us is directly affected by addiction, so even if we do not individually suffer from addiction or substance-use problems, 33.3 percent of us will have a loved one, boss, employee, or even a drunk driver whose addiction directly impacts your life. Around 50 percent of emergency room admissions are related to substance use, from cocaine-induced chest pain to car accidents while under the influence to drug overdoses. In stressful professions, including health care (doctors and nurses), legal (lawyers and judges), and restaurants (chefs and staff), substance use and addiction are prevalent. “